Reasons why Tumkur is becoming a Hotbed for Bangalore?

Reasons Why Tumkuru is becoming a Hotbed for Bangalore?

Smartcity Tumkur

The most pressing issue that the city of Bangalore faces is traffic and congestion, daily traffic jams and the highly concentrated population has motivated the developed of other towns in the periphery of Bangalore. The government is also promoting and facilitating the development of these peripheral towns to ease the pressure on Bangalore which is already facing many issues. The development of these peripheral cities will not only help the problems being encountered by Bangalore but will also accelerate the development of a larger area, providing opportunities to even more people.

Tumkur has come out as one of the favorite spot in this area, a City Corporation since August 2010 it also acts as a central hub for connecting many places to Bangalore. This is the location of India’s first mega food park inaugurated in 2014. This city is attracting much attention for development due to many reasons, and it has a number of factors working in its favor.

The reasons which have made Tumkur so attractive are these;

Closeness to Bangalore:
This might be the most obvious reason, but that doesn’t make it any less relevant. The name of Bangalore has become a sort of a brand not only in India but internationally, and this attracts industries from all around the world. Tumkur being so near and also having basic facilities provide people and industries an excellent alternative to settle in a place where they enjoy the benefits that Bangalore offer yet can avoid the issues they might face in Bangalore, like high property rates and congestion.

Smart City Initiative:
Under smart city initiative, many areas have been chosen by the Indian government to develop as smart cities, and Tumkur is one of them. Taking into consideration that Tumkur already has many industries working in the city Tumkur is being planned to be developed as an Industrial Smart City. This will ensure a substantial government investment not only in infrastructure but numerous other hi-tech services which are sure to attract national as well as international attention to the city.

Development of one of the NIMZ (National Investment and Manufacturing Zone) is proposed in Tumkur; this will once again attract a large amount of government investment in this area. The number of industries operating in this area will witness a huge increase due to this, and this will also boost the development of other facilities required by the people working in these industries. The direct government investment will be accompanied by private investors to fulfill the demand of the people living and moving into this area.

Mumbai – Bangalore – Chennai Corridor:
Tumkur will also benefit from the proposed Mumbai Bangalore Chennai Corridor (MBC Corridor). With Bangalore already running low on space for further establishment of industries, Tumkur is sure to emerge as a significant hub for industrial development benefiting from the arrival of new industries. Along with this, a textile park is also to be set up in Tumkur which will also promote the handloom industry, more than 20 industries have already started operation, and this number is sure to go quite high under these circumstances.

Tumkur is a well-connected city with National Highway passing right through the city; railway connectivity is also excellent. The development of the outer ring road and NICE corridor has improved the connectivity to Bangalore even further. This city has connectivity which increases the prospect of Tumkur developing as a satellite town of Bangalore.

Real Estate Opportunities:
The numerous projects which are being developed or are being proposed in this area will undoubtedly increase the number of industries working in this area. With new industries comes new people working in these industries and they need housing, increasing the demand for real estate development. This is also followed by the development of other projects which are required by the increasing population like hospitals, markets, recreational spots, multiplexes etc. Because of this, there is an increased ongoing spur in real estate development in this area. A lot of well-reputed developers are trying to develop entry-level projects as well as some luxury offerings. The property prices are still quite affordable and show good prospect of future appreciation is the value, thus attracting investors too.

Educational Hub:
It has the presence of reputed institutes of higher learning and has awarded the reputation of being an education hub to this city. Alongside these institutes of higher learning, the city also proud itself in having some of the best schools. Even this is witnessing the entrance of new names, and you can find quite a few new education institutes coming up in the city. With population bound to increase and requirement of education institute ranging from kindergarten to colleges will also increase, this is attracting some renowned names of education field towards this city further establishing it as an education hub.

These factors are such that even alone they can fuel the growth and development of a city, but in the case of Tumkur they are working together and increasing the pace of development even further. These factors initially attract industries and investors due to unique opportunity and advantages which they can foresee, but as these opportunities materialize general populace starts getting attracted. With more and more people settling, the demand for high-quality facilities fuels the development of the city further. 

Although this development has many benefits and should be cheered, some cautions are necessary. A blinded and fast pace development can cause some severe problems to emerge in later years, and thus proper planning is required to give direction to this development. A sustainable way of development is the need of the hour, a move which should also consider the ecological aspects of various activities and effectively uses the available resources. Otherwise, the problem of pollution, environmental degradation destruction of resources will hamper the growth and will cause a massive problem to the citizens of the city. 

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