The top 5 localities to invest in Bangalore

The top 5 localities to invest in Bangalore

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Real estate has always been one of the most preferred avenues of investment for Indians, this remains true even for the younger generations. The positive government policies like the introduction of RERA act is also boosting the real estate market. In such a scenario a city like Bangalore has seen an upward trend of rates in this market, this remained true even during the demonetization period, this proves the stability of the real estate market in Bangalore. Still, it is always advisable to invest in property after doing proper research rather than just diving in.

There are many factors which determine the overall value and future appreciation of property, out of these the overall importance of the city, government policies, etc, affects all the areas almost uniformly in a town. To help you in your investment we will be explaining the factors which uniquely determine the value of different areas of the same city and will also suggest 5 localities best for investment.

Factors that increase the value of any area in a city:

By connectivity, we mean how easy it to travel to and from the particular area to other parts of the city. This includes the connecting road and other means like metro, the availability of public transport like taxi, bus, metro, rickshaw etc, also determine the value of the area in this regard.

Services Available:
Apart from transport, there are services like water and electricity connection, cooking gas availability etc, these are things which are quite essential for a homeowner. In old areas, these might not be an issue but in areas which are newly developed these factor should not be overlooked.

From buying essentials to shopping for special occasions, various types of shops are visited by people ranging from small general stores to big malls. Availability of markets which can cater to all the shopping need in the area or very close by is always appreciated by the buyers.

Medical and Education Institutes:
Availability of good Healthcare facilities and educational institutes of various levels, like kindergarten, intermediate school, and colleges is always advertised by developers due to significant property appreciation these provide to the area.

Open Spaces:
Newer areas which are being developed as residential areas include open spaces like public parks and gardens, due to the positive effect they cause to the value of living in the area. Some also include public parking space in these, but both these have different purposes and should be considered as a different factor.

Affordability and Price appreciation:
This factor plays a crucial role when buying a property mainly for investment purposes. An expensive property no matter how much recognition it offers usually has a very narrow market and is difficult to sell in emergency situations, on the other hand, an affordable property with low price appreciation also attract very few customers. Thus a property which is affordable and shows a proper perspective for price appreciation is the one to go after.

These are the significant factors which you should consider while researching any area for investing in Bangalore or any other city. As with any other investment, a certain amount of risk is always present, but the general trend and investment after enough research make the property in Bangalore one of the most sensible avenues.

Top 5 localities in Bangalore

This area has established as one of the major hubs of the IT industry in Bangalore, this area has seen continuous infrastructure development in the past few years. The introduction of metro and train service has introduced a new life to new residential projects, there are many projects which are affordable for the middle class. Presence of some of the biggest malls in Bangalore also increases the attractiveness of this area for investors.

This is another area which is very close to a large number of IT companies, but due to current areas reaching saturation, this area emerged as a hub for new residential areas and office buildings. This area is always in high demand for people working in offices all around, and the proposed peripheral has added to this demand. Presence of some excellent educational institutes also adds to the attractiveness of this area.

Electronic City:
This area is a very well connected area, and the addition of metro has increased both the connectivity and attractiveness of this area. This area is also one of the most affordable areas considering the level of development and facilities available, ranging from educational institutes to healthcare facilities, supermarkets, and various recreational spots, this area has everything to offer.

The proposed peripheral road and introduction of the metro line has resulted in renewed construction of residential projects in this area, widening of numerous roads is also benefiting the connectivity. This area also has some of the most known educational institutes of Bangalore like Delhi Public School. Presence of spots like Chunchi Waterfalls and Muthathi forest also adds to the value of this area.

With the presence of Hebbal lake this area stands out in itself, the number of newly built flyovers have increased the connectivity of this area. This area also stands out with the presence of many parks and open spaces, the lake also offers boating and bird watching opportunities. This area also has some very good educational institutes and markets.Projects like peripheral road and extension of the metro are significantly adding to the connectivity and value of property in various areas of the city. Most of the areas have witnessed a substantial increase in the value of both residential and commercial projects, and still, you can find areas which are quite affordable, providing a very unique opportunity. But, with the success of real estate investment this sector has seen an increase in so-called experts and brokers, so we suggest you choose your advisers with the same attention as you would choose a property to invest in. 

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